Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning In Hamilton

We offer affordable teeth cleaning in Hamilton and dental cleaning whether you have dental insurance coverage or no dental insurance coverage. We will always provide you with a professional service through education and thorough teeth cleaning for optimal oral health.

Now Open

Monday, Tuesday & Friday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 9pm
Alternating Saturdays 10am - 3pm
Why you should get your Teeth Cleaned at our dental hygienist clinic in Hamilton:

  • Experienced professional Registered Dental Hygienist in Hamilton
  • With the newest technology we can determine which treatment is best for you
  • Assessment of teeth and mouth help determine which toothbrush and tooth pastes are best suited for you
  • Products to reduce and eliminate bad breath
  • Removal of hard deposits (calculus) on the teeth has never been easier
  • Desensitizing agents to soothe sensitive roots
  • A variety of tooth polishing pastes available to suit your needs to remove unwanted stain
  • At Gleam we determine which method is the safest and the most compatible treatment
  • State of the art air polishing using a natural amino acid spray to clean enamel, root surfaces, porcelain crowns and bridges, veneers, and gold work safely with low to no sensitivity with no abrasiveness.
  • New innovative products to help treat and reduce gum infection
  • Gum numbing agents WITHOUT an injection
  • Gentle, personalized care
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