Bacterial Analysis/ Microscopy

Bacterial Analysis/ Microscopy

 “What are those little critters I see on my slide!?”

“No matter how much I brush and floss, my teeth still feel fuzzy.”

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth, however, it is the species, the amount and the virulence of the pathogens that determine whether or not there is infection, inflammation and deterioration of the tooth and tissues.
With bacterial plaque analysis we test for the presence of amoebas, fungi such as Candida, S.mutans, spirochetes, leucocytes (white blood cells), and other species of pathogens to determine the level of health. 

The result of a bacterial slide guides us to which treatment is ideal for each individual as well as being able to recommend the best home care regime.  

It is important to note that lowering the bacteria prior to cleaning teeth lessens the chances of increased bacteria in the blood stream.
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